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Brand: Biocair Model: BIO-062931
BioCair - BC-65 Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant Air Purifying Solution 1L Made to be used with BioCair Dry-Mist Disinfection Machines, BioCair BC-65 Air Purifying Solution is scientifically proven to kill 99.999% airborne and surface pathogens in 30seconds, in compliance to the US Pharmacopoeia St..
HK$160.00 HK$199.00
Brand: Biocair Model: BIO-062917
Non-alcohol, non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant made with only pure water and BC-65. Eliminate 99.999% bacteria and viruses under 60-seconds of contact including yeast and fungus. Disinfection plays an important role in reducing the amount of contact with harmful germs and bacteri..
HK$55.00 HK$99.00
Brand: Biocair Model: BIO-287478
In 2010, BioCair developed a revolutionary ion-energizing technology to create BC-65. The BC-65 technology is based upon how the human immune system fights bacteria and germs to protect and heal the body to create BC-65 solution. BC-65 solution utilizes 65 ion-energizing technologies yet remain..
HK$1,189.00 HK$1,399.00
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