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Diaper accessories or Puff Case

Brand: KuKu Duckbill Model: KU5345
1. The KU.KU Duckbill powder puff case is a sealed canister. It has a snap sealed lid to prevent the powder from spraying out. Its easy snap and lock lid provides convenience for mother to use with one hand. 2. Made of sturdy ABS material, it does not break easily if accidentally dropped. 3. It co..
HK$52.00 HK$55.00
Brand: Munchkin Model: 735282434495
Ideal for storing clothes, diapers, changing supplies and moreCreates valuable nursery storage spaceExtra-sturdy compartments with insertsNeutral design enhances any nursery decorDimension :about 53 x 23 x 46 cm..
HK$386.00 HK$429.00
Brand: Pigeon Model: H058
Sensitivity test, non-irritating, very suitable for baby's delicate skin It can effectively prevent the baby's eczema and prickly heat, and the skin will be dry and comfortable after application. It is better to use after changing diapers or bathing. Suitable for normal skin, sensitive skin babies ..
Brand: Pigeon Model: H054
* Mild in nature, it can effectively prevent sweat rash, eczema and diaper rash. * Intimate compact powder design, the powder will not scatter during use, and there is a powder puff in the compact. * Very easy to store and carry out. If you are busy taking care of the active baby, you are not afraid..
Brand: PiyoPiyo Model: 83483Y
The compartment design separates powder puff and prickly heat powder, clean and hygienic.  ‧The design of the rotating cover has good tightness, and the prickly heat powder is not easy to pour out. Size: Compartment-Diameter 9.2 x H1.5 (cm)    Toner Cartridge-Diameter 9.6 x H6.2 (cm)Remark : ..
HK$35.00 HK$39.00
Brand: Puku Model: SP16301
The design of the rotating tenon is carefully considered to suit the mother's use, The talcum powder is not easy to pour out; With the natural pure rabbit fur puff, it can give your baby the most comfortable and soft care.     ◎Material: Box body - plastic (ABS), temperature resistanc..
HK$45.00 HK$49.00
Brand: Simba Model: S2211
The size is moderate and easy to carry, the puff is delicate and soft to the touch, pampering the baby's delicate skin...
HK$24.00 HK$26.00
Brand: Munchkin Model: 735282100475
Diaper changing organizer that attaches to dressers, changing tables, or doors9 storage compartments with sturdy pockets provide easy access to suppliesHolds more than 50 diapers at onceSturdy, reinforced constructionHolds up to 15 lbsDimension :  about 53 x 23 x 46 cm..
HK$239.00 HK$259.00
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